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  • Head Coach:     Bryan Dahl


  • Co-Presidents:     Megan and J. P. Paul


  • Treasurer:     Stacey Stoffel


  • Secretary:    Maureen McConnell


  • Corporate Fundraising Lead:     OPEN


  • Hawks Cards Lead:     OPEN


  • Hawks Card Blitz Lead:  Sarah Sampson and Charlotte Holland



  • Player Volunteer Coordinator:  Stacy and Matt Ward


  • River City Days Lead:      Stacy and Matt Ward


  • Parent Pizza Party and 2-A-Day Snacks Lead:    Jen Hansen



  • Player Pre-Game Meals:    OPEN



  • Homecoming Parade Lead:     Lori Wurtz and Carissa Kuntz


  • Senior/Parent Night Lead:     OPEN


  • Game Photography Lead:    Andrea Dodds and Steve Larson


  •  Home Game Preparation Lead:     Allison Larson


  • TD Table at Home Games Lead:    Sarah Sampson


  • Banquet Leads:      Varsity : OPEN

                           Freshman : OPEN

  • Website:    OPEN


  • Apparel Sales:  Cara Hoye